The following is a scam email from an add I posted on

ZaxStaff- Recruitment
Search & Select Recruiters
Australia Wide since 1986

Hi- Look – your resume is a bit lacking and weak in some key areas like a clear
> role objective by title and some other information HR managers and
> my clients here in Australia are impressed by- It may be hard to sell you
> and market you to a client in this format-
> I can email you info on how I can redo properly for you if you wish-
> let me know- Not to insult you but I am a recruiter 25 years and the
> CV needs to be more competitive against your competition to get
> noticed!!…Time kills deals-
> We need to modify so my clients will be sure to grant an interview-
> I can send you info-I can redo today!, Either way get it redone!
> I can send you info if you like, -then we plan to meet and counsel you
> for the interview!!!!!!!!! let me know fast.Time kills deals!
> ……..and roles!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> …YOU!…………
> Regards,
> Mark
> M. David Adelman – MD
> Australia wide since 1986

My reply:-

Let me start by saying thanks for the quick reply. I was really looking forward to your reply as I am broke, out of work and your email sounded promising.
Unfortunately I have a list of problems with your reply email after sending you my Resume and I.T. Certification Documents!
The list is as follows:-
1. ZaxStaff- Recruitment the company you claim to own does not exist on the Australian Business Registrar!
2. I searched your name on the internet and found an interesting article you wrote on (here is the link, in case you have forgotten how bad your English and Grammar is)!
3. Your reply to my second email has no less than 31 exclamation marks, 34 unneeded periods, 14 unneeded hyphens and even a comma after an exclamation mark, and that’s even before I go into your bad Grammar and Spelling!
4. If you were a real I.T. Recruitment Professional with 25 years experience as you claim, then you would use an email account on your own domain and not a free email account, (for example as is common, professional, practice in the I.T. industry!
5. Your spelling is so bad that you spelt man in with two N’s instead of one!
6. I Googled your mobile phone number and found an interesting article on (here is the link, in case you are interested in admiring your own handy work)!
I realise that my Resume isn’t that great, and even barring the fact that you are a known scam artist, I would rather you print my Resume out and give it to a homeless man to wipe his arse on then to let you edit my resume in any shape or form! If nothing else at least I feel some comfort in knowing that somewhere in this big country of ours my Resume could help a homeless man to not have a squidgy arse crack from shitting himself rather than be edited by you!
Last but not least I will end this reply with a Mission Statement! As I am currently unemployed I have plenty of time on my hands! My mission is to post your scam email and this reply to every social site and blog site that I am a member of to crush the little (if any) reputation you may have had, just like you have crushed my hopes! I am also reporting you to, (where you replied to my add) the local police and crimestoppers!
P.S. Notice how at the start of this reply I didn’t use exclamation marks at the end of my sentences, well it’s because I wasn’t being sincere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!